Searching for rustic Colorado wedding venues? You’ve come to the right place! Howard Creek Farm is the epitome of rustic barn vibes with mountain views. Our working farm has riverfront access and views of the Sangre de Cristos. Keep reading to learn more and to plan your rustic Colorado wedding 🙂

Our Breathtaking Rustic Wedding Venue in Colorado

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The Barn at Howard Creek Farm (aka Howard Creek Farm)

  • Elevation in Howard CO: 6,000-7,360 feet
  • Distance from Denver & Colorado Springs: Approx. 2 hours

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Here in the heart of Howard, Colorado, The Barn at Howard Creek Farm brings a rugged charm to our state’s wedding scene. We established this 11-acre working farm in 2019, blending history with rustic elegance that dates back to the 1890s.

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Plan Your Rustic Colorado Wedding at Howard Creek Farm

We’ve created this helpful map so you can visualize your wedding experience at our Colorado barn wedding venue. Plan a hiking excursion, try a new restaurant, visit our local secret spots, and make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

Surrounded by haystack pastures, honey bee hives, and hop gardens, our barn provides you with an authentic farm experience. What makes us unique is our ability to offer alternating wedding backdrops – from a singular barn setup to the raw beauty of the nearby mountain landscape.

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What truly sets us apart is our genuine passion. Aly and Orlin, the owners, dedicate themselves with kindness that goes beyond a venue – The Barn becomes a part of the stories of the couples who choose to celebrate here. As one happy couple shared, “We LOVED getting married at The Barn at Howard Creek Farm… Aly and her family are truly such amazing people, and the barn/its surroundings are breathtaking.”

the barn at howard creek farm's colorado mountain weddings

In essence, The Barn at Howard Creek Farm is a celebration of love and the unique beauty of Colorado. Our genuine appeal and the warmth of our surroundings make us an ideal choice for couples seeking an authentic rustic wedding experience.

the barn at howard creek farm's colorado mountain weddings

Exceptional Features at Howard Creek Farm for Your Special Day

From the meandering river ranch to the vintage charm of our historic barn and the awe-inspiring natural surroundings, we present a comprehensive wedding experience built on trust and excellence. Explore the inclusions ensuring a seamless journey on your special day at Howard Creek Farms.

the barn at howard creek farm's colorado mountain weddings

Barn Wedding Reception Space

  • Celebrate in our 4,000-square-foot historic barn for up to 150 guests.
  • Enhanced with Edison bulb string lighting for a magical ambiance.
  • Features two built-in bars, inside and outside, with stunning mountain and river views.
  • The option for a unique river entrance or exit adds a special touch.
  • Seating for 150 guests with handmade farm tables and a mix of vintage chairs.
  • The rustic barn provides the perfect reception hall for your wedding celebration.

the barn at howard creek farm's colorado mountain weddings

Private Spaces for Preparations

  • The bridal party enjoys an elegant 800 sq ft barn loft bathed in natural light.
  • The Groom and groomsmen have exclusive access to a unique 25ft Grain Silo.

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Enchanting Outdoor Courtyard (Featuring INCREDIBLE Sunsets)

  • Adorned with string lights for a cozy atmosphere.
  • The firepit invites guests to unwind under the night sky.
93 howard creek farm salida colorado mountain weddingsHoward Creek Farm Salida Colorado Mountain Weddings

Capturing Timeless Moments with Photography

  • Scenic backdrops include the Twin Sisters Mountain Range, Thunderbolt vintage farm truck, Arkansas River, and an ancient elm tree.
  • A perfect setting for breathtaking and unique photos.

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Expert Wedding Planning Assistance

  • An on-site wedding planner with over 15 years of experience.
  • Tailored planning packages, from day-of coordination to full planning at varied prices.

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Rave Reviews of Our Colorado Barn Wedding Venues

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Aly for our wedding! Not only was she a rockstar day-of planner (if you’re debating a planner, do yourself a favor and AT LEAST do the day-of!) but she was there for all of my questions and ready with reassurances the entire planning process. Just irreplaceable! Aly aside, on to The Barn! Just SO beautiful! We were looking for a unique place to have our special day and The Barn was IT! The mismatched dining tables, the beams, the patio, the huge bar spaces, the whole package was just absolutely perfect. We still have guests telling us it was the best wedding they have ever been to and I don’t think that would have been the case without such a wonderful place!”

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“This venue is a dream come true and so are Aly & Orlin! The views and landscape are gorgeous for everyone to enjoy and extra special for photos and film. I used Aly as my coordinator as well and couldn’t have been happier I did. Aly is kind, super responsive, knowledgable, organized, detail-oriented, patient, and flexible. She and Orlin made us feel at ease and excited from day one”

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FAQs About Rustic Colorado Wedding Venues

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Introduction to Rustic Colorado Wedding Venues

Explore the allure of Colorado’s premier barn wedding venues, where rustic charm harmonizes with stunning natural vistas. Howard Creek Farm, a beloved choice, beckons couples with its picturesque ambiance. Set against the majestic Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range in The Rocky Mountains, our ranch seamlessly merges barn venue charm with the grandeur of mountainous surroundings. The barn spaces at Howard Creek Farm strike an ideal balance between rustic allure and contemporary elegance, providing versatile settings for weddings, receptions, and other special occasions.

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What Is a Rustic Wedding?

A rustic wedding captures the tranquility of the countryside, infusing the wedding day with the organic and natural flow of rural life. This style of celebration embraces decors featuring raw materials, wooden elements, vintage textures, and a color palette inspired by the surrounding landscape, creating an atmosphere of simplicity and natural beauty.

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Howard Creek Farm Salida Colorado Mountain Weddings

Why Is Colorado Appealing for Rustic Weddings?

Colorado, the Jewel of the American West, emerges as a prime destination for rustic weddings. The state’s breathtaking landscapes, including snow-capped mountains, rolling pine forests, and lively rivers, set an unmatched spectacle for a countryside celebration. Its central location within the U.S. makes it easily accessible for couples and guests from all corners of the country. Colorado’s well-established industry in rustic weddings contributes an authentic tone, offering signature venues in graceful barns, expansive ranches, and quaint farms for a serene and outstanding affair. Additionally, the myriad of outdoor activities, such as whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and brewery tours, presents an enriching experience for guests extending their stay beyond the wedding weekend. Colorado’s allure lies not just in its landscapes but in the immersive and authentic celebration of love it offers to couples choosing a rustic wedding setting.

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Are These Farms Fully Devoted to Weddings or Operational Too?

Howard Creek Farm is both an operational farm and a unique event venue. Balancing both facets admirably, the farm supports various types of agricultural activity and farming operations while simultaneously serving as a rustic backdrop for wedding celebrations. You could say it offers the best of both worlds – a classic farm experience and unique venue charm, further enhancing its appeal as a rustic wedding location. This harmonious blend delivers a genuine rural atmosphere, often sought for in rustic weddings.

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During your visit, you might spot an array of farm animals or limitless fields of lush green crops which adds to the authenticity and charms up the ambiance for the special day. Operating as both a farm and wedding space, Howard Creek Farm is a testament to rustic countryside living and celebration.

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What Are Some Planning Tips for My Rustic Farm Wedding?

Seasonality and Weather

Colorado is a four-season destination, and each season lends a distinct flair to events. The off-peak wedding season in Colorado generally begins in December and lasts until March, with weather elements like cold temperatures and potential blizzard conditions to consider. But this wintry beauty can produce some uniquely stunning weddings, with snow-frosted trees and mountaintops as your backdrop.

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The summer months, however, are traditionally popular for outdoor weddings, offering plenty of sunny days and a profusion of natural colors in the landscape. Regardless of the season, Howard Creek Farm is committed to facilitating a comfortable event, equipped to manage unpredictable weather shifts with indoor contingencies.

The mountain view venue’s flexibility extends to being a year-round wedding destination, having an equal appeal whether draped in the warm hues of autumn, blanketed in the white of winter, bursting with the blossoms of spring, or basking in the mildness of a Colorado summer day.

It is crucial to account for Colorado’s mercurial weather patterns when planning your rustic wedding schedule, considering the potential need to move parts of the event indoors. Despite the seasonal variations, the changing sceneries of Colorado provide a dynamic and captivating backdrop for your rustic wedding throughout the year.

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Lighting Considerations

In any wedding, the importance of lighting cannot be overstated. It sets the mood and creates a magical ambiance, highlighting the beauty of the venue and enhancing photographic opportunities.

At The Barn at Howard Creek Farm, lighting has been taken into careful consideration. As the sun sets and the stars twinkle overhead, the barn’s elegant string lighting casts a warm glow over your celebration. Coupled with the rustic charm of the barn, this lighting creates a romantic and vintage feel capturing the very essence of a rustic wedding with chic elegance.

Inside the barn, two art nouveau chandeliers hang gracefully over the bar area, adding a touch of antique charm. Furthermore, 225 Edison bulbs are strung throughout the barn and porch, encapsulating the intimate, magical essence of the day into the late afternoon and evening.

With the availability of electricity in each area of the venue, couples have the liberty to add their own additional lighting accents that align with their wedding theme, creating a perfect blend of personal touches and the venue’s existing rustic charisma.

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Incorporating Nature into Your Decor

Rustic Elements

  • Integrates organic textures, natural fibers, and a palette of green and stoneware colors.
  • Howard Creek Farm offers the privilege of blending natural charm with your rustic decor.

Pallet Crafts

  • Utilize pallet crafts for a rural appeal, serving as functional tables, paths, and backdrops.
  • Painted and stained pallets align with the rustic theme and can be used for schedules, seating charts, and more.
  • Enhance with flowers and ferns for a soft, elegant touch.

The Barn’s Open Fields

  • Expansive open fields around the barn provide ample opportunities for decoration.
  • Incorporate field elements into your decor for a warm and relaxing touch of rural vibes.

Natural Beauty

  • Howard Creek Farm’s natural beauty serves as a breathtaking base for a rustic barn wedding.
  • Let your decor enhance this inherent charm, reflecting your unique personality and taste.

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Can We Bring in Our Own Vendors, or Do You Provide Them?

Howard Creek Farm underscores the priority given to personalizing your wedding day and hence grants the flexibility to choose between bringing your own vendors or utilizing their recommended ones.

The farm encourages couples to use their freedom in designing a reception menu, decor, music, and other wedding options. Couples can bring in their choice of caterers, DJs, florists, and more to reflect their styles and tastes.

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However, if you would prefer a local vendor possibly with more experience regarding the venue and its surroundings, Howard Creek Farm can provide a well-compiled list of venue services and trusted vendors. Including photographers, florists, caterers, and beverage services, this thoroughly scrutinized list ensures you experience top-notch venue services and make your day the most memorable one.

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When Is the Best Time to Plan a Wedding at Howard Creek Farm?


Best Time for a Wedding

Average Temperature (°F)


Late May to early June

50°F – 70°F


June to August

70°F – 90°F


September to October

50°F – 70°F

Winter (We are closed)

December to February

20°F – 40°F

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What Services Are Included in Our Packages?

Services Details
Bride and Groom Suites Day spaces for the bride and groom to get ready and relax before the ceremony.
Event Rentals Range of rustic and modern event rentals including tables, chairs, and ceremony log benches.
On-site Amenities Parking, restrooms, fire pits with wood provided, and heating facilities at each venue.
Planning Services Effortless planning journey with an experienced on-site planner.

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Can You Share Some Facts About the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range in The Rocky Mountains?

Location: Situated in the southern part of the Rocky Mountains, the Sangre De Cristo Range extends from southern Colorado into northern New Mexico.

Elevation: The Sangre De Cristo Mountains are renowned for their impressive elevations, boasting numerous peaks exceeding 14,000 feet. Notable summits include Crestone Peak and Crestone Needle.

Spanish Influence: The name “Sangre De Cristo” translates to “Blood of Christ” in Spanish, a poetic nod to the mountain range’s captivating hues, particularly during the striking moments of sunrise and sunset.

Recreational Opportunities: Celebrated for outdoor enthusiasts, the Sangre De Cristo Mountains offer a plethora of recreational opportunities. From hiking and climbing to skiing, the range provides a year-round playground for those seeking adventure amid breathtaking natural beauty.

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Why Choose a Rustic Wedding Venue in Colorado?

Step into the vibrant realm of Colorado’s barn wedding venues, where nature’s wonders create an idyllic backdrop for your special day. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, pine forests, and lush meadows, Colorado stands as a dream destination for couples seeking a picturesque wedding. Pikes Peak, an iconic sight, enhances the grandeur of any celebration.

Scenic Backdrops: Embrace the stunning beauty of Colorado Springs with venues offering backdrops of mountains, forests, and meadows.

Authentic Charm: Rustic Colorado mountain ranch venues exude genuine charm, providing a cozy and intimate atmosphere for a warm wedding ambiance.

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Connection to Nature: Immerse yourself in nature’s splendor, as rustic venues integrate outdoor elements for an outdoors celebration amidst Colorado’s natural beauty.

Photogenic Settings: Capture timeless moments and exchange vows against picturesque barns, scenic fields, and expansive skies for visually stunning wedding photos.

Versatile Venue Options: Rustic wedding venues serve as a versatile canvas for various themes, allowing couples to personalize their celebration.

Relaxed Atmosphere: Enjoy a laid-back setting, conducive to creating cherished memories with family and friends.

Adaptability: Rustic venues with loft areas accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations, offering flexibility for diverse wedding sizes and styles.

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What Websites Can Help Me Plan My Colorado Wedding?

  • Find a comprehensive wedding planning platform with a dedicated section for Colorado weddings. This site should help you discover information about local vendors, get inspiration, and create your wedding website. WeddingWire offers a comprehensive resource for wedding planning.
  • Discover local vendors, read reviews, and plan every detail of your Colorado destination wedding organically through a search engine.
  • Focus your searches on weddings in mountainous regions, offering curated vendor selections, real wedding features, and planning articles for your Colorado mountain wedding.

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Other Planning Resources

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Schedule a Visit

Embark on a journey to visualize your dream wedding at Howard Creek Farm by scheduling a visit to our enchanting venue. Nestled against the breathtaking Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range, Howard Creek Farm invites you to explore its rustic elegance and scenic charm. During your visit, stroll through the historic barn, meander along the enchanting river, and envision your special day amidst the natural beauty that surrounds us. Schedule a visit today to witness firsthand the magic and possibilities that Howard Creek Farm holds for your unforgettable wedding celebration. For inquiries or to schedule your visit, please contact us through our website’s “Contact Us” section or reach out directly to our dedicated team.