Incredible Mountain Weddings at Howard Creek Farm

Mountain Magic Weddings

Keep reading if you crave something extraordinary…the canvas for your vision, the stage for your love story, and a haven as unique as your love. If you’re seeking the flexibility to shape your special day, to infuse it with your distinct style and vendors, unrestricted by the confines of all-inclusive venues, then you’ve found your place.

Uniquely You

In a world where ‘one size fits all’ is the norm, we celebrate being the exception. We embrace the beautiful chaos of individuality and creativity. Our venue isn’t just a space; it’s a world waiting to embrace your dreams.

4 howard creek farm barn wedding venue
the barn at howard creek farm's colorado mountain weddings
the barn at howard creek farm's colorado mountain weddings

Your Story

We believe that every couple has a vision, a story to tell. That’s why we offer inclusions that seamlessly blend with your unique narrative. Handcrafted with love, our offerings not only save you precious time but also keep a little extra in your pocket. It’s your day, your way – and our inclusions are crafted to honor that.