the barn at howard creek farm's colorado mountain weddings

Are you dreaming of enchanting outdoor wedding venues in Colorado surrounded by picturesque mountains? Well, you’re in luck! The Barn at Howard Creek Farm stands as one of the most stunning venues Colorado wedding venues. It’s a place where the splendor of the natural world intertwines with the essence of love, offering a backdrop that ensures your wedding ceremony is nothing short of a fairy tale.

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The Barn at Howard Creek Farm

Nestled against the breathtaking Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range in The Rocky Mountains, Howard Creek Farm’s ranch is a captivating retreat where the rustic charm of a barn venue seamlessly blends with the majestic beauty of the nearby mountains. Our barn space is more than a structure; it embodies a fusion of rustic charisma and contemporary elegance, providing versatile settings for weddings, receptions, and all your cherished moments.

Plan Your Wedding in the Colorado Rockies

We’ve created this helpful map to plan your dream wedding in the Colorado mountains. Explore local attractions, hike through the mountains and foothills, experience local dining, and try out a nearby winery; the options are endless!

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Our Venue Spaces

At The Barn at Howard Creek Farm, you’ll be spoiled for choice with multiple wedding options at our venues that can accommodate any taste and style. Each space at The Barn at Howard Creek Farm blends seamlessly with the natural landscape, ensuring your wedding ambiance is nothing short of magical. Here’s a glimpse into what we offer:

Barn Wedding Reception Space

Experience your wedding celebrations in our 4,000-square-foot historic barn, accommodating up to 150 guests. Immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere enhanced by enchanting Edison bulb string lighting. Enjoy the picturesque mountain and river views from two built-in bars, both inside and outside. Add a special touch with a unique river entrance or exit option. Seat your guests comfortably with handmade farm tables and a charming mix of vintage chairs. Our rustic barn truly sets the ideal stage for your dream wedding reception celebration.

77 howard creek farm salida colorado mountain weddings

77 howard creek farm salida colorado mountain weddings

Private Spaces for Preparations

Your wedding entourage can enjoy the luxury of a sophisticated 800-square-foot barn attic, bathed in abundant daylight, perfect for getting ready or simply relaxing before the big day unfolds. Meanwhile, the groom and his party won’t go neglected as they’ll have access to a unique 25-foot Grain Silo decked out with big screen TVs and lush amenities.

93 howard creek farm salida colorado mountain weddings

93 howard creek farm salida colorado mountain weddings

Enchanting Outdoor Courtyard

A gorgeous retreat that invites serene moments and joyful gatherings. Our decor and twinkling string lights create a warm atmosphere for you and your guests. Adding to that cozy vibe, firepits encourage guests to relax beneath the night sky and gaze up at the stars.

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Incredible Inclusions

The Barn at Howard Creek Farm doesn’t just provide spaces; we offer an all-inclusive experience that ensures your wedding is as stress-free as it is beautiful. Our incredible inclusions include:

Rustic Barn Reception Venue

  • Captivating 4,000-square-foot historic barn
  • Ideal for gatherings of up to 150 guests
  • Enhanced with captivating Edison bulb string lighting
  • Includes two built-in bars, both indoors and outdoors
  • Boasts panoramic views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Arkansas River
  • Presents a unique option for an entry or departure point along the river
  • Abundant seating for up to 150 guests, adorned by a stunning arch
  • Crafted farm tables and a diverse array of vintage and antique chairs for rustic charm

Private Spaces for Preparation

  • Refined 800 sq ft barn loft for the bridal party
  • Abundant natural light and captivating features
  • Ample space for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready and create cherished moments
  • Distinctive 25-foot Grain Silo for the groom and groomsmen
  • An unforgettable setting for pre-wedding preparations

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Enchanting Outdoor Courtyard

  • Courtyard outdoors adorned with charming string lights
  • Inviting and comfortable ambiance
  • The fire pit is available for guests to relax, unwind, and make memories beneath the night sky

Timeless Photo Ops

  • Captivating scenery featuring the Twin Sisters Mountain Range, Thunderbolt vintage farm truck, Arkansas River, and an ancient elm tree
  • Infinite opportunities for stunning and distinctive photographs
  • An ideal environment to encapsulate the essence of your love

Expert Wedding Planning Assistance

  • An experienced on-site wedding planner with more than 15 years of expertise in various wedding styles.
  • Customized wedding planning packages designed to meet your specific requirements
  • Dedicated to turning your dream wedding into a reality

the barn at howard creek farm's colorado mountain weddings

Planning Resources and Local Vendor Highlights

Connect with Colorado Wedding Experts

Your wedding dreams deserve the expertise of seasoned professionals who are intimately familiar with Colorado mountain wedding venues and know Colorado inside and out. Connect with local wedding experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table. These artisans, logistics wizards, and coordinators specialize in Colorado’s unique venues and are adept at navigating everything from mountain weather to regional vendors. By partnering with our skilled experts, you can be assured that your wedding reflects the quality and charm that only local insight can provide.

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Crafting Your Dream Team from Florists to Photographers

Crafting your dream team is essential for bringing your Colorado outdoor wedding to life. Start with florists who can source the freshest local blooms and arrange them to complement the natural beauty of your venue. Then, look to photographers like Cait Collins Photography who have a keen eye for capturing the vibrant essence of Colorado’s landscapes alongside your cherished wedding photos. Don’t forget about caterers who specialize in creating delectable menus that reflect the local cuisine and musicians who can set the tone for each part of your celebration. With these artisans on your team, each detail of your day will be a reflection of your style infused with the spirit of Colorado.

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FAQs About Outdoor Wedding Venues in Colorado

What is the best time of year for an outdoor wedding in Colorado?


Best Time for Outdoor Wedding

Average Temperature (F)

Average Precipitation


Late May to Early June




June to September


Low to Moderate


September to October




December to February



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How do you plan for the unpredictable Colorado weather?

To plan for Colorado’s unpredictable weather, always have a backup plan. Consider venues with indoor options in case of sudden rain or snow. Renting tents with sidewalls can offer protection while still feeling connected to the outdoors. Additionally, advise guests on potential weather changes and suggest appropriate attire. It’s all about embracing flexibility and being prepared for the whims of nature.

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What are some top destinations for mountain-lovers?

For those whose hearts are drawn to the mountains, Colorado, including Colorado Springs is a treasure trove of venues that cater to your alpine affection. Top destinations include:

  1. Telluride Ski Resort: Where the ski lifts take you to panoramic views that make any ceremony feel like it’s on top of the world.
  2. Vail Mountain: Not only does it offer sweeping vistas, but its reputation for luxury makes every detail shine.
  3. Aspen’s Maroon Bells: Known as one of the most photographed areas in Colorado, the astonishing peaks serve as a natural cathedral.
  4. Estes Park: Gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park, it hosts venues that are both rustic and elegant.
  5. Breckenridge: This historic mining town is home to charming venues that mix cultural heritage with mountain solitude.

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Are there any unique Colorado laws or regulations for outdoor weddings?

Yes, there are unique Colorado laws and regulations for outdoor weddings. For instance, many outdoor spaces require a permit, especially for large gatherings or use of public land like national parks. It’s crucial to understand local sound ordinances and adhere to Leave No Trace principles to minimize environmental impact. Always check with your venue or local authorities well in advance to ensure compliance with all regulations.

the barn at howard creek farm's colorado mountain weddings

Where are you located?

We are located at 356 County Rd 4 Howard, Colorado 81233.

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What are some elements to take into account when choosing a wedding location?

Selecting a venue in Colorado involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure that your event is a success. Here are key factors to keep in mind:

  • Proximity to Guests: Choose a location that is convenient for your wedding party to reach, considering travel time and accessibility.
  • Scenic Surroundings: Colorado offers diverse landscapes, so consider whether you prefer mountain views, urban backdrops, or rustic countryside.
  • Guest List: Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your expected number of guests. Consider both indoor and outdoor spaces if applicable.
  • Facilities: Assess the available facilities, such as ceremony spaces, reception halls, bridal suites, and outdoor areas.
  • Catering: Check whether the venue offers in-house catering or allows external catering. Consider menu options and dietary accommodations.
  • Decor and Setup: Understand the venue’s policies regarding decorations, setup options, and whether they provide any in-house decor.
  • Accommodations: Check if the venue has nearby accommodations for out-of-town guests.
  • Testimonials: Look for reviews from previous clients to gauge their experiences with the venue.
  • Site Visits: Schedule site visits to experience the venue firsthand and get a sense of its atmosphere.

66 howard creek farm salida colorado mountain weddings

66 howard creek farm salida colorado mountain weddings

Are there any other wedding venues nearby?

Yes, a few nearby are Pikes Peak, Breckenridge Resort, Steamboat Springs, and Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

68 howard creek farm salida colorado mountain weddings

68 howard creek farm salida colorado mountain weddings

Schedule a Tour

Embark on a personalized journey to explore the enchanting beauty of The Barn at Howard Creek Farm by scheduling a private tour. Whether you envision a rustic wedding celebration, a charming intimate event, or a memorable gathering, our venue provides a picturesque backdrop for your special moments.

During your tour, you will:

  1. Discover the Charm: Immerse yourself in the rustic allure and captivating charm of our historic barn and surrounding landscapes. Witness the unique features that make The Barn at Howard Creek Farm a one-of-a-kind venue.
  2. Explore the Grounds: Stroll through the vast property, exploring the outdoor courtyard adorned with string lights and a cozy firepit. Take in the scenic views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Arkansas River that surround our beautiful venue.
  3. Visualize Your Event: Envision your wedding, reception, or special event as you explore the versatile indoor and outdoor spaces. Picture your wedding ceremonies under the vast Colorado sky or your reception in the historic barn illuminated by Edison bulb string lighting.
  4. Personalized Consultation: Our experienced event team will be on hand to answer your questions, discuss your vision, and provide insights into how The Barn at Howard Creek Farm can bring your dreams to life.
  5. Discuss Packages: Learn about our customizable wedding and event packages, tailored to suit your preferences and requirements. Discover the inclusions and amenities that will make your celebration truly unforgettable.