Why So Many People Are Choosing Barns as Their Wedding Venue

If you’re undecided on the venue for your upcoming wedding, there are lots of reasons to move a barn wedding to the top of your list.

Barn wedding venues have been continually growing in popularity for several years. Many couples love the romantic yet laid-back setting and personal feel. Barn venues also boast stunning surroundings and lots of space for all your guests.

Lauren Smith, weddings editor for Style Me Pretty says: “I think rustic weddings with an elegant touch are doing really well right now after the Yellowstone aesthetic has gone viral.”

Read on to find out why so many people are choosing barns for their wedding venue and why you should too!

Everything in One Location

As well as plenty of space, barn wedding venues have everything you could need for the perfect wedding, all in one location.

This means there’s no need to worry about the logistics of guests traveling from your ceremony to the reception. And, the best barn locations even include added details such as a bridal suite and a groom’s space. This ensures that you and your partner have everything you need right there on site.

The planning stages will also be much easier as you can get a better feel of how everything will play out within the one venue. Plus, as everything is in the same place,you’ll be more likely to stick to scheduled times for photos and speeches.

Find Your Perfect Barn Wedding Venue

When you consider all the great advantages of holding a barn wedding, all other venues come up short.

After all, where else could you find such a perfect combination of laid-back glamour, romance, and rustic charm? Not to mention,the kind of scenic setting that wedding dreams are made of.

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Picturesque Rural Setting

When you look back on your wedding day, it should feel like a beautiful dream. The location should provide you with an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but give the rustic charm that you have been longing for. That’s why the picturesque rural setting of a barn wedding is the perfect hidden gem for you and your guests.

Endless Possibilities for Decor

From a planning perspective, a wedding barn is something of a blank canvas. As such, barns allow for limitless ways to decorate and personalize your nuptials.  They can also be kept very simple and let the rustic charm of the barn itself do the talking!

The decor at hotels and other venues can sometimes dictate the style you have to follow.  Otherwise, you might end up clashing colors or styles. But, thanks to the neutral color scheme and natural wooden features of wedding barns, you can let your imagination run wild.

Not to mention, the large open spaces and exposed beams found in barns are all great features to decorate. For example, you could go for a whimsical feel with fairy lights and delicate flowers, or keep things natural for a vintage, rustic theme.If you’re passionate about design, you’ll relish the opportunity to create your dream wedding in such an ideal location.

Great Photo Opportunities

Sweeping scenery, personalized decor, and a dream location don’t just mean you’ll have a perfect wedding. These ingredients also ensure that your wedding photos will be amazing too!

Take your group shots outside with some impressive landscape backdrops and cinema-worthy natural beauty. Or, walk hand in hand with your partner for romantic couple photos with mountains or river in the background.

For interior shots with character, barn pictures capture the romance and warmth of your venue.While dreamy details, like wildflower bouquets and string lighting, will add an intimate feel to shots of you and your partner throughout the wedding.